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What’s our Health and Fitness Blog all about?

Firstly, our Health and Fitness blog will look at some of the current questions, ideas and opinions in the industry. For Instance, ‘How should you train,’ ‘When is it time to rest,’ ‘What foods should you eat?’ Of course, there is a lot of information surrounding health and fitness and this can often lead to confusion! Because of this, our plan is to try and simplify and clarify some of the information for you.

Who we are and What we’ll be talking about

Secondly, at The Health Hub, we have a team of trainers with interests and qualifications in many diverse areas. This means we are well placed and motivated to untangle the mess, debunk the myths and simplify the complicated. As well as that, our team has over 40 years experience in the fitness industry. As a result, can share knowledge and incites, to help you improve.

We’ll be including light hearted lifestyle opinions, detailed training ideas and everything in between.  Above all, this health and fitness blog is coming from trainers who are out there, on the gym floor, training clients day in day out and always looking to improve and learn.

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