Stay Motivated this Winter

How to keep yourself motivated when it starts to get cold and dark outside!

As the weather starts to become more miserable and the days draw shorter, people can lose their motivation for exercise. Those lovely summer walks don’t quite have the same appeal when it’s pouring with rain! Here is some advice to help you to stay motivated this winter and keep active despite the darker days!

Make it fun!

One of the biggest pieces of advice I can offer is to find exercise that you enjoy! Fitness is not one size fits all and what one person enjoys isn’t always what someone else will. But that is absolutely fine, we are all different, so will like different things! Exercise and movement isn’t meant to be boring. So find what you enjoy most from sweaty Hiit, strength training, yoga, swimming and much more! If you are going to do something you enjoy, it won’t feel like a chore.  You are much more likely to continue to do it and stick with it in the long run.

Go with a friend!

We all know it can be difficult to keep yourself accountable, therefore, arranging to meet a friend at the gym is a great way to motivate yourself! Being each other’s accountability partners is a great way to both encourage each other to stick to your plan and achieve your goals. You can motivate each other through your workout but also have a bit of a chat and a laugh – try and set yourself a rest timer so you don’t get too carried away chatting, I know I am guilty of this!! Knowing you are seeing a friend is something to look forward to which makes the exercise have a positive connotation that not only are you working on yourself but get to catch up with a friend!

Speak to the Personal Trainers!

Feeling a bit stuck with what to do or want to refresh your exercise regime? Speak to one of our trainers to go over your programme, sometimes all you need is a fresh workout plan to get your motivation back! Maybe change it up completely and add in a swim once a week or a class, there are so many ways to keep moving, do not feel like you have to stick with the same thing to see results!

Book into a class!

Here at The Health Hub we love group exercise (see this blog on why booking into a session when you are unmotivated is great to keep you accountable, you know once it is booked you have to go! You also have someone there to push you along helping you get the most out of a session. Classes are a great workout, fun and perfect for when you are lacking motivation. Book in today and find one that you enjoy!

Food is fuel!

Making sure you are fuelled appropriately is essential to have a good workout, if you are lacking energy then you are not likely to have a good workout which in turn could demotivate you. Before a workout you need some carbs because they are the body’s preferred energy source. Feeling energised for a workout means you will get the most out of it, your body needs food to function so don’t forget to refuel after your workouts too!

Set a goal and make progress!

Having a goal to work to is a great way to focus your training, and making progress towards that goal is so where motivation really kicks in. How good does it feel when you see all your hard work paying off? When you can lift that extra weight or see your clothes fitting better. This is a really powerful motivational tool you can tap into. Set your self a goal, make it achievable and record your progress towards that goal. Like a snowball rolling down a hill, it will pick up momentum and soon become unstoppable.

Hopefully these tips will keep you stay motivated during the winter months so you can continue to stick to your routine and smash your goals! If you ever need some extra support speak with one of our team or drop us an email.