How to Overcome ‘Gym Fear’

When you step into a new place it can be intimidating. The belief that everyone else knows what they are doing and you will look like you don’t is real. A gym is a common place where this feeling can occur. So learning how to overcome ‘gym fear is possibly the most important hurdle when it comes to sticking with your training. Therefore I am going to give you my best advice to deal with this feeling and to help you get the best out of your trip to the gym.

Familiarize yourself with the equipment
  • Here at The Health Hub it is compulsory to give each new member an induction around the gym and show you how the equipment works. This is a great chance to ask questions and make sure you fully understand how the equipment works. Ask yourself, am I going to be able to come and set this up on my own? If you are unsure then please ask to be shown again. We would rather that you asked us to show you again then you avoiding using the machines!
Have a back up plan
  • It is highly beneficial to come to the gym with a plan or an idea of what exercises or machines you will use in your session. However, there is a chance that what you planned to use might be taken by someone else when you come to use it. Often, this can make people panic but for most of our machines there is an alternative that you could do. For example, if the leg press machine is taken, try doing some goblet squats. Want to increase the intensity? Then perhaps add a 2 second pause at the bottom of the squat. Always have an alternative exercise in your head for the workout you are going to do. That way you won’t feel disappointed or unsure what to do if the equipment is taken. If you cannot think of an alternative, ask one of the personal trainers on duty!
Remember your why
  • Remember your reasons why you are in the gym. You are there for you and to work on yourself! Don’t let the presence of others prevent you from achieving your goals. Everyone else is in the gym for their own reasons and one of those is not to intimidate you. Even those who are lifting heavy weights are doing so because they enjoy it not to make you feel uncomfortable!
We all start somewhere
  • Remind yourself that every personal trainer and regular gym goer started from the beginning, perhaps where you are! I guarantee you that if you were to ask any personal trainer, we all made mistakes or have embarrassed ourselves in some way in the gym. It happens, we trip over or maybe something isn’t set up just right, but we learn from these things, laugh it off and keep going!

Perhaps most important of all is to never give up. Learning how to overcome ‘Gym Fear’ isn’t going to happen overnight. But, little by little the gym can become a place where you feel comfortable and relaxed.